Why should I pay to have a professional prepare my taxes?
Tax preparation requires professional judgement. Tax software providers say that you no longer need a tax adviser because the software does the work. The software, at its best, puts the information in the right place and does the arithmetic. It’s mostly garbage in, garbage out, as it is dependent on the user to put information in the correct place, and most of the time, the user does not know what they are doing.

Why should I hire a professional to represent me in an audit?
Taxpayers often use tax software purchased and follow the interview process. They do not fully understand the IRS tax codes. A CPA is required to gain knowledge through 40 hours of annual continuing professional education. In addition, the new IRS regulations require that an individual representing a client be registered to do so. A CPA is a professional that meets that requirement.

How can I decrease my tax burden?
Each individual’s tax situation is unique so that answer depends on the circumstances. There is no cookie-cutter answer to this one. The answer depends on your total circumstance. A knowledgeable tax advisor will understand your situation and apply their judgement to arrive at an appropriate answer.